Welcome to the the CCI Soil Moisture Workshop 2018

ESA CCI Soil Moisture in support of global climate monitoring

15th November 2018

TU Wien, Vienna, Austria

Since 2012, TU Wien, EODC, VanderSat and their partners have successfully implemented ESA’s Climate Change Initiative for Soil Moisture. ESA CCI Soil Moisture produces the most consistent long-term global soil moisture data record based on active and passive microwave sensors and currently provides a set of products from 1978 to the end of 2017. ESA CCI Soil Moisture has received over 6000 registrations for download, has directly supported the publication of over 200 peer reviewed papers, and feeds into several operational services.

The objective of this workshop is to:

  • give an overview of ESA CCI Soil Moisture and its support to ESA’s primary CCI programme goals; 
  • demonstrate how ESA CCI Soil Moisture has supported international climate observing activities (e.g. IPCC, Global Climate Observing System);
  • demonstrate how ESA CCI Soil Moisture has advanced science in climate research and other domains;
  • show how ESA CCI SM supports the operational services provided by C3S and others;
  • identify new applications based on operational long-term soil moisture products,
  • show how ESA CCI SM has led to Austria taking a key role in the scientific development of Essential Climate Variable products from Earth observation.

The workshop is open both to presenters and persons with a general interest. The workshop is free of charge and includes lunch at the location.

Abstracts can be submitted online until 4 October 2017 at the abstract submission site